Repair Companies

Aden authorized repair shop is well-prepared and qualified based on Professional qualifications conducted by MAN Diesel prime service. This workshop is designed in accordance with internationally approved standards and equipped with modern machines and tools that are professionally set for this type of qualified service. Our services range from the development of tailor-made maintenance concepts, including inspections and overhauls. We used advanced technologies such as laser welding and 3D measurement to provide high-quality results. Marine Power Engine Compressors & Turbines

Our real commitment is to find solutions for your future need. The welding process parameters are adjusted for the best possible performance. We consider it our responsibility to guarantee that we deliver to our customers, now and in the future, the best possible solution, and achieve that taking into consideration turnaround time. We use technological advances to provide our customers with the best services that are geared to their requirements.

We have built our core competence within joint welding repair & maintenance welding, soldering, and brazing. We are partners to reduce the maintenance cost.

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