Cement Plant

The company has prepared itself with a good repertoire of highly specifications spare parts with many different famous companies specialized in the field of cement plants like Gulf Metal Foundry – Castolin- Christian Pfeiffer- Sumitomo Drive Technology-Tsubakimoto chain MAN Diesel & Turbo – Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik Gmbn, and Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric System Corporation.

Under GMF manufacture, we are carrying out casting for wear-resisting applications in high chromium iron and manganese steel for cement plants, quarries, and crushers. GMF manufactures steel, Alloy steel, stainless steel & heat resistant steel casting for petrochemical and engineering industries.

We can also prepare the following casting parts with GMF expertise.

  • Liner plate, all casting valves, hammers, wear resistance plates, mill liners, rose ring segments, Jaw plates, inlet try segment, side check plates, cones, mantles, and torch rings.
  • Lightweight to facilitate simple and easy handling.
  • High-quality surface structure with excellent flatness.
  • Ultimate superior uniformity wears a protection overlay as there is no dilution of the base material.
  • Absence of cracks compared to welded wear plates.
  • Low coefficient of friction and smooth surface to avoid clogging and sticking.
  • Excellent formability and easy to cut with a laser, plasma, or water jet for precision parts.
  • Easy to weld base metal.
  • Increase the service life of chutes and liners.
  • Latest solutions for abrasion and impact wear.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and decrease plant shutdowns
  • Rock Box Solution.
  • Extend Service Life with XuperWave

Welded Plates

Reduce maintenance costs by extending the services life cycle of the protected surfaces. Increase plant availability by means of longer maintenance intervals for the heavily loaded surfaces. Conserve resources and protect the environment with exchangeable liners