EleMech is a well-known company located in Dubai specializing in maintenance solution repair and wear protection. We continue to advance a range of development, moving forward and achieving breakthroughs in our business. We have experience in welding, brazing, and thermal spraying
technologies and stand for professional and innovative solutions.

Our strategy of performance is up to tailor know-how helping you to improve the lifetime of machinery and equipment. We are defined by our integrity. That’s why our mission is to provide timely, high-quality service. Problem-solving isn’t limited to our shop. We can take our craftsmanship wherever you need us to be. We are creative problem-solvers. Our team considers all the options and designs innovative.


Proceeding from efficiency & accuracy, we assumed certain principles to end up any given task.

  • Service & technical engineer support for inspection, maintenance & supply
  • Advice on retrofit upgrades to improve machine performance
  • Full spare parts & breakdown support
  • Full warranty on all parts and service