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Delivering Quality in Reasonable Cost.

Quality is now affordable, Purchasing Spares for your two-stroke, four-stroke, Medium Speed or High-Speed engine, or looking for reliable Repairers for your damaged parts

EleMech will always do its best to provide you with the best price and best delivery time available in the market.

EleMech is specialized maintenance and spare parts supply company. The main goal is to provide all convenient solutions in maintenance repair and wear protection. EleMech is a full-service, experienced company with a reputation for quality and dependability. We have experience in welding, brazing, and thermal spraying technologies and stand for professional and innovative solutions. Engrossing in a wide range of maintenance through the last years has made us more qualified to meet any problems based on the bespoke and standard methods in the welding technology. Different types of Welding solutions like thermal and cold welding can be done easily in our facilities. There are many different ways to repair, rebuild and wear-face your parts, each with its respective advantages and constraints. Our efficiently equipped facility has the technical capability to meet urgent and critical customers’ needs to save time & money. In cooperation with Castolin, we have an exclusive range of welding, brazing, and coating products. Repair joining and fabrication solution.

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