Castolin Eutectic understands that many customers prefer to focus on their core activities and choose to subcontract their maintenance work, especially in periods of peak demand or during emergency shutdowns. In response to the changing needs of our customers, we have greatly expanded our network of specialty Castolin Services workshops to provide “turn-key” maintenance solutions. Our large and well trained permanent team of technical specialists ensures rapid response and high quality workmanship


   Diamant develops, formulates and produces metal polymers and coatings for the metal processing industry, casting technology, steel and bridge construction as well as shipbuilding. With its numerous product solutions and patents, the specialist has established itself wherever it is a matter of protecting, refining, sealing, optimizing, maintaining, connecting or repairing metals and other materials. Service Just where you need it – and just when you need it: On site, target-oriented, dynamic, effective. The installation and application services

With the proper and professional application of the products by our qualified Services team. We help you to save material and resources and quickly react to emerging issues and solve them. You no longer have to worry about the coordination of different services provides.

Complete package inclusive solution and the highest quality standards. In this way, you can prevent any consequential costs and optimize material and personnel resources.


    We are manufacturers of high technology welding equipment that adapts itself to the most diverse user characteristics. Right from the beginning our organisation was orientated towards the client and to satisfying his general and specific requirements.

   The welding equipment is manufactured in Spain (Campdevanol), with the latest technology components to ensure durability and superior performance.  The quality is not only in the process of designing, manufacturing and distribution, but covers all areas of the company, such as customer service or after-sales service. Our equipment is sturdy and is designed for the most intensive and demanding jobs. We will continue contributing with innovative solutions. We wish to help you grow along with us