Repair Solution

     We have exclusive range of welding, brazing, wearfacing, coating repair and fabrication solution. Under the compliance of our customer, especially in emergency shutdown, we ensure rapid response to deal and create a proper solution. Our protective coatings are more cost-effective solution than replacement of the worn parts with new ones. We can either do the works at site or in our workshop to prolong the lifetime of machinery through efficient solutions. Also Repair, rebuild and wearface for each and every job we are able to select the optimal technical solution within the economic constraints imposed. Our OEM specialist can optimize the efficiency and life-time of your equipment. EleMech is your source for protection.

Our experts support you in keeping your equipment operational, regardless of your location and your needs, whether it is standard inspections, overhauls, repairs. Our engineering team will help you to get your equipment back in service as quickly as possible.