Oil & Gas

We have experienced a different type of wear that occur in the Oil and Gas industry, impact, cavitation, friction, corrosion + heat, erosion, and abrasion. These include carbide selection, carbide size, carbide distribution, and matrix composition. Some examples of products developed specifically for oil and gas industry:-

  • Wear resistant cored wire for hard banding

  • Non-magnetic alloy for use on measurements while drilling tools and instrumentation

  • Superior self-fluxing alloy for anti-corrosion coating for combined H2S and NaCI environment.

  • Powder brazing process; Casto Dyn SF Lance and super let Eutalloy.

  • Improved alloys for crack – free wear resistant deposits

  • Teracotta 7888 T

  • Eutronic GAP system

Terocote 7888T is high performance anti-wear product in the form of a flexible cord . 7888T deposits are an extremely durable protective coating comprising a dense mass of ultra-hard tungsten carbides embedded in a tough nickel-chromium alloy matrix providing protection against erosive and a abrasive attack. Also we used 7888T to protect the drill bits and stabilizer and centrifuges.